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Ecological Landscape Design                                         250—941—1312

For gardeners who want a beautiful, comfortable garden and are keen to be environmentally responsible.

Are you interested in and would like help with:

  • Choosing plants that will do well and provide habitat for insects and birds (a living landscape)?
  • Seeing and effectively using rain water on your land?
  • Having minimal turf?
  • Managing your yard organically without pesticides and chemical fertilizers and the least amount of fossil fuel?
  • Creating as little work and waste as possible for the long term?
  • Growing food for yourself?
  • Creating sanctuary: spaces that are restorative for people and other life?

Situated in Comox, we provide services of landscape design and garden coaching to the Comox Valley, especially Comox, Courtenay, Cumberland, Merville, as well as central and north Vancouver Island.

Contact us for more information and to book an appointment with Karen Cummins
By phone: 250-941-1312
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